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Sorting for Circularity India: Pre-Consumer Pilot Learnings


Challenges, Learnings and Solutions

Sorting for Circularity India: Pre-Consumer Pilot Learnings

❝We are very positive about the response that we are getting from the suppliers, that they are now finally looking for waste handlers, like us, who can help them appropriately handle textile waste. But still, we are facing a challenge of only getting low value textile waste from the suppliers although we want to source both high and low value textile waste. Another challenge is that some of the suppliers compare us to their existing waste handling partners in terms of commercials. These suppliers would need to understand that Muddle Art apart from providing conventional textile waste management services, also ensures social compliance in its operations. But yes absolutely I’m liking the positive momentum at the moment. And we look forward to onboarding more and more recyclers on the platform, to fill the gaps and have the 100% traceability of the waste. Thank you for having us participate in this pilot and great initiative.❞

– Muddle Art (waste handler)