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The Textile Tracer Assessment






James Crowley – Innovation Platform Analyst

Kathleen Rademan – Director Innovation Platform



Evonne Tan – Data and Technology Director




The authors would like to thank the following industry experts at Textile Exchange and interviewees at the various tracer companies who contributed their time, expertise, and edits to this report: Amish Gosai (Textile Exchange), Ashley Gill (Textile Exchange), Pe-Jae Brooks (Textile Exchange), Laura Kohler (Textile Exchange).

Isabella Sainty, Ben Tomkins (Oritain), Nathan Dubrich, Grant Erskine (Source Certain International), Peter Swinkels (Picarro), Nelly Dubrulle (DNA Gensee), Ronan Loftus (IdentiGEN), Erik Malmstrom (Safetraces), MeiLin Wan (ADNAS), James Cooper, Chad Bolick (UNIFI), Gediminas Mikutis, Michela Puddu (Haelixa), Julian Ansoult (Olnica), Tobias Herzog (Tailorlux), Gloria Adeboi (Digimarc), Joe Tilley (In Code Technologies), Adam Herbenson, Jose Gasque (Stardust Secured), Alan Jackson (Chromition), Crispin Argento, Paul Stenning (Fibretrace), Perry Everett (Arylla).

The authors also wish to thank the following at Fashion for Good for their contributions to the research, editing, design and layout of this report, Earl Singh, Lana Miller, Camilla Rama, Dolly Vellanki.




Tracer companies wanting to be included in the Textile Tracer Assessment, and industry players wanting additional information, please contact:


Fashion for Good


From all at Fashion for Good and Textile Exchange, we thank you for taking the time to read the Textile Tracer Assessment and your interest in traceability and sustainability within the textile industry.