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Coming Full Circle: Innovating towards Sustainable Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres



Rory Hugill – Innovation Analyst, Fashion for Good


Katrin Ley – Managing Director, Fashion for Good


Kathleen Rademan – Director Innovation Platform, Fashion for Good



The authors would like to thank the following industry experts, who contributed their time and expertise to this report: Renana Krebs (Algalife), Mukul Agrawal & Himanshu Kapadia (Birla Cellulose), Graham Ross (Blocktexx), Nicole Rycroft & Amanda Carr (Canopy), Christopher Stanev (Evrnu), Georgia Parker (Fashion for Good), Kirsi Terho (Infinited Fiber Company), Christine Goulay (Kering), Karan Kumar & Lakshmi Poti (Laudes Foundation), Alfie Germano (Nanollose), Enrica Arena (Orange Fiber), Edwina Huang (Phoenxt), Samantha Sims (PVH), Harald Cavalli-Björkman (Renewcell), Helena Claesson (Södra), Emmi Berlin (Spinnova), Theja Chitneni (Target), Taylor Heisley-Cook (The Hurd Co.), Peter Majeranowski (Tyton BioSciences), Marieke Akerboom (Worn Again).


The authors would also like to thank Earl Singh, Nicola Mitchell and Georgina Pfrang for their editing, design and production assistance.