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Sorting For Circularity Europe: An Evaluation And Commercial Assessment Of Textile Waste Across Europe



This Project has been commissioned by Fashion for Good with catalytic funding by Laudes Foundation and facilitated by brand partners adidas, BESTSELLER, and Zalando, Inditex and H&M Group as an external partner.



Circle Economy

Hilde van Duijn, Associate Senior Strategist

Natalia Papú Carrone, Senior Strategist

Ola Bakowska, Project Manager

Qianjing Huang, Data Analyst



Marieke Akerboom, Co-Founder and Project Lead


Fashion for Good

Kathleen Rademan, Director Innovation Platform

Dolly Vellanki, Analyst Innovation Platform



Boer Group

I:CO (a part of SOEX Group)

JMP Wilcox (a part of Textile Recycling International)







Reverse Resources


The authors would like to thank the following industry experts, reviewers and contributors for support in this report: Abhishek Bansal (Arvind Limited), Albert Alberich (Modare-Cáritas), Alicja Jordan (Zalando), Amaya Guillermo (Inditex), Anders Schorling Overgård (BESTSELLER), Angel Minaya Romero (Inditex), Ann Runnel (Reverse Resources), Anna Pehrsson (TEXAID), Anna-Karin Sundelius (H&M), Ariane Biemond (PVH Corp.), Benjamin Koehler (Otto), Bente Bauer (Policy Hub), Brendan Guerin (TERRA), Carsten Steckert (SOEX Group), Cécile Martin (Refashion), Christina Mjo (Inditex), Christine Quigley (PVH Corp.), Claire Boland (PVH Corp.), David Watson (PlanMiljø), (Drishti Masand (adidas), Eduardo Castro Gradaille (Inditex), Emma Bach Nørbæk (BESTSELLER), Esther Haitink (H&M), Femke Jonkmans (PVH Corp.), Gintarė Petreikytė (Policy Hub), Gudrun Messias (adidas), Hans Bengtsson (H&M), Henrik Sand (BESTSELLER), Iria Mouzo Lestón (Inditex), Jade Buddenberg (Zalando), Jade Rolland (Fashion for Good), Johan Lindstorm (H&M), Jonas Stracke (SOEX Group), Jose Maria Faro (Modare-Cáritas), Karan Kumar (Laudes Foundation), Karla Jabben (Otto), Kathleen Lynch (Levi’s Strauss & Co.), Kelly Gupta (PVH Corp.), Khushbu Maheshwari (Fashion for Good), Lakshmi Poti (Laudes Foundation), Laura Coppen (Zalando), Lisa Franke (Otto), Liz Lipton-McCombie (Levi’s Strauss & Co.), Louise Staall (BESTSELLER), Margherita Guaschino (PVH Corp.), Marten Sondell (H&M), Maud Hardy (Refashion), Maxime Bourland (Reverse Resources), Melanie Hackler (H&M), Nicole Kösegi (Boer Group), Nin Castle (Reverse Resources), Priyanka Khanna (Fashion for Good), Puk de Jong (adidas), Sandra Plagge (TEXAID), Sebastian Skowron (Wtorpol), Snehit Kumar Rahul (Arvind Limited), Sophie Hantsch (Zalando), Steffen Trzepacz (PlanMiljø), Stuart Wilson (JMP Wilcox), Surya Valluri (Birla Cellulose), Thomas Böschen (TEXAID), and Vincent Delalandre (PVH Corp.). We would like to thank the Sorters for their support and contribution during the on-the-ground composition analysis. We would like to thank Refashion for their development of the Refashion textiles materials library, for the provision of their methodological basis and background resources, for time spent, and for the connection to TERRA, which was instrumental in creating the project’s methodology. We would also like to thank the students and professors at Hogeschool Rotterdam, Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Rotterdam International Secondary School for their invaluable support in the on-the-ground analysis.


The authors also wish to thank the following at Fashion for Good for their contributions in editing, design and layout of this report, Camilla Rama, Earl Singh, Emily Cooper and Lana Miller.


Please note that the findings of this report do not reflect the opinion nor position of those parties listed as stakeholders to the project. This report represents an analysis of the data gathered during the project timeline and as such represents a position at one point in time as such describes research findings only.


At the time of the initial public release of the Sorting for Circularity Europe report (September 2022), the report included a chapter on policy recommendations, which has since been removed. The recent release of Policy Hub’s position paper (August 2022) best reflects the perspective of industry players to date and is therefore a guiding document for policy recommendations.