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The State of Circular Innovations in the Indian Fashion and Textile Industries



Fashion for Good: Priyanka Khanna, Jothi Kanayalal, Georgia Parker, Charlotte Borst, Jana van den Bergen, Josephine Lönnqvist


Circular Apparel Innovation Factory: Somatish Banerji, Tanushri Shukla, Siddharth Lulla, Divya Jagasia, Sudhanshu Dikshit


We are grateful to all the stakeholders that were generous enough to share their time, information, insights and their first-hand experiences with us. This report is a reflection of their passion, hard work and perseverance in this still evolving space of sustainable fashion innovations.

The authors would also like to thank Brittany Burns, Earl Singh, Nicola Mitchell and Georgina Pfrang for their editing, design and production assistance.